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How much does your organisation spend on printing emails?

Did you know when emails are printed they have a hyperlink, web or email link attached to it, always in colour?

Based on the average size SME employing 25 staff, printing emails daily can be very expensive.

Average Calculation;

25 staff printing on average 5 emails per day = 125 emails per day

125 emails x 5 days per week = 625 emails per week

625 emails x 4 weeks per month = 2,500 per month

The average colour cost per copy = 5p

5p x 2,500 emails per month = £125.00 per month or £1,500.00 per annum.

The Xerox Print Driver is smart enough to know it is printing an email and automatically converts it to mono, saving 90% on the print cost.


Would your organisation like to benefit from these savings?

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