Myth Busted: Visitor Management Systems are only for Visitors

People often believe Visitor Management Systems are only beneficial for visitors, however that is not the case. Visitor Management Systems (VMS) play a crucial role in enhancing security and efficiency within organizations, not only for external visitors but also for employees. These systems go beyond simply tracking and managing guests; they provide valuable benefits for staff as well. For instance, VMS can streamline internal processes by allowing employees to pre-register visitors, reducing wait times and administrative burdens whilst ensuring GDPR regulations are always met. Additionally, VMS can enhance workplace safety by monitoring who enters and exits the premises, ensuring that only authorized personnel are on-site at any given time. This level of control and oversight is essential for maintaining a secure environment for both visitors and employees alike. A sleek and quick check-in also makes a great first impression for first time visitors. 

Moreover, VMS can contribute to overall workplace productivity by providing employees with convenient tools to manage their own access and schedules. For instance, employees can use VMS platforms to schedule meetings or notify colleagues of expected visitors—all of which contribute to smoother operations and improved collaboration. Physical sign-in books are no longer GDPR compliant so if you are currently using one please get in touch with one of our team today to discuss Visitor Management Systems. 

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