Competing in a global economy means working with multilingual documents. Whatever your organisational size, translation requirements, or budget constraints, Xerox® Easy Translator Service is the perfect match.

Cloud-based Xerox® Easy Translator Service utilises state-of-the-art technology to provide instant, draft machine translations or convenient access to professional translators via your Xerox® multifunction printer (MFP), PC, or smartphone!

Xerox® Easy Translator Service delivers the balance of speed and translation quality you require to produce documents for your target audience in their native language. Leveraging Xerox® ConnectKey® Technology platform, the service provides instant and secure draft translation by scanning a hard copy document using your Xerox® MFP. Want to share your content with your global audience? Enjoy swift and precise professional translation services via the Xerox® Easy Translator Web Portal.


Easy-to-use, Cloud-based Service

With Xerox® Easy Translator no upfront purchase of hardware or software is necessary. Just connect via your ConnectKey enabled MFP app, smartphone, or go to the Web Portal to conveniently solve all your translation issues. Maintenance, upgrades and support are included, so there’s no IT overhead. Deployment of the MFP app is fast and hassle-free, through the Xerox® App Gallery. 

Quick and Accurate Translations in Most Languages

Easily translate and localise documents in over 20 formats (paper, jpegs, tiffs, PDFs, Microsoft Office, etc.) and in over 44 languages. Simply connect to Xerox® Easy Translator Service to enjoy benefits that include:

  • Easy-to-use. Work productively from day one. Xerox® Easy Translator’s intuitive user interface ensures easy adoption whether from a Xerox® MFP, from your smartphone, or via our web portal.
  • Accurate and Fast Translations. Instantly translate important documents in foreign languages while retaining the format of the hard copy originals.
  • Increase your Competitive Edge. Attract new business by quickly localising and sharing documents. 
  •  Add Value. Communicate with customers better, faster and in their own language.
  • World-Class OCR. Powerful OCR capabilities automatically convert non-editable documents into an editable format for additional translation edits, if needed.

A Wide Range of Translation Services Tailored to Your Needs

  • Instant Translation of Paper Documents. When you need to translate a hardcopy document quickly, simply scan the document via the Xerox® Easy Translator App on your MFP or take a photo with your smartphone. Xerox® Easy Translator will quickly print the results and/or deliver it digitally via email.
  • Human or Machine Translation via Xerox® Easy Translator Portal.

Use the Xerox® Easy Translator Web Portal to upload digital documents from your desktop for fast and secure draft translation. Or choose from three levels of human translation services with just a few clicks:

Express Super fast and super affordable, Express empowers you with a quick rendering of your document by providing a general translation of your desired language. Best used for internal needs only.

Professional For sharing documents like contracts, articles, guides and proposals. Professional services start by having your document translated by a highly trained professional and then it is proofread separately by a dedicated editor.

 – Expert For sharing documents featuring complex scientific or business-specific content – our dedicated specialists with advanced training in the relevant disciplines ensure the highest levels of terminological and stylistic accuracy.

The Ultimate in Cloud-based Translation

Simple for Users: Web Portal

Point-and-click easy, drag-and-drop simple. To translate, users simply upload files
to the Portal, select the source and target languages, and specify the level of service.

ConnectKey Enabled MFP

Users simply log in via their MFP, select the source and target languages, scan their
document, and receive their translation draft as either a printout and/or via email.

Mobile Device

Users simply take a photo of a document, select the source and target languages,
submit the photo, and receive the email link to their translation results.

Easy for Administrators

Browser-based account management provides administrators easy access
to their Xerox® Easy Translator accounts and includes the ability to:
• View the status of corporate account users and account settings
• Manage account subscriptions and payment options
• Add and remove users from corporate accounts

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