Audit and Assessment

A print audit and assessment helps you to understand the true costs of your current print fleet. Our Document Consultants look at your document driven processes and the impact these have on your business efficiency; ranging from a volume and cost analysis of hardware, through to full business process mapping.

In addition to auditing your print fleet on a continual basis, Print Management Tools allows you to manage consumable orders, check the status of devices and take meter readings, eliminating inefficiencies and driving down your costs. This is the first step towards an automated operation that improves the management of information and removes manual error-prone processes, ultimately leading to greater satisfaction for both your users and customers alike.

Management and Consultancy

Our first step is to establish your requirements, understanding your business objectives, processes and working practices. Our expert Pre-Sales Team are then able to provide recommendations, along with indicative pricing to help assist with early financial modelling. Should you wish, you can view demonstrations of the solution at one of our Customer Experience Centres or as a Proof of Concept on your site.

Large change programmes and implementation projects require many hands. Project Managers go way beyond just co-ordination. We ensure tasks get done in the right order and at the right time.

We invest time looking at

Incoming and outgoing mail

Document and Record management (creation, storage, archive, retrieval)

Security and legal compliance

Analytics and management information systems around document centric processes