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Lombard Medical

30th of August 2017

We've been a client of Storm Office Solutions since September 2016. Their customer service is excellent and I feel I can get support from them whenever it's needed. We haven't had a breakdown or a need for an engineer since the printers were first installed so can't really comment on their responsiveness on that side of things.

We have 3 x Ricoh MPC3004SP and 1 Ricoh MPC3504SP. They all work fine and perform as expected. The MPC3504SP is slightly faster than the others which is why we chose that for the main office where most of the printing is done. Storm has been very supportive since the beginning and Hester, their sales lady, calls me every now and then just to check everything is running smoothly. We only needed to call them once for help during the installation of the printers as we needed to set up a network connection between Storm and us for automatic meter reading and cartridge replacement. Again, everything was sorted very efficiently and without any hick ups. We had training on the same day the printers were installed so there wasn't any time we would have been without printing facilities or knowledge of how to do it.
I would whole heartedly recommend Storm to anyone. Very easy and painless to deal with and very good pricing too compared to competition.
Senior Buyer
Lombard Medical Ltd.

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