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World Vision

8th September 2017

Here is our reference regarding the recent project to replace our printer fleet and achieve savings.

World Vision has an ongoing requirement to ensure that the services it uses are the very best value for money. In Spring 2017, we requested a review of our currently managed printing solution from Storm Office Solutions. We chose Storm because we had a history of reliable, professional account management from them. They undertook a complete audit of our usage and costs and made a recommendation that was tailored to our requirements. Once we had agreed to proceed the equipment was renewed over two days and any issues that inevitably arose were addressed quickly and effectively.

We cannot recommend them highly enough, not just for the professional way they support our needs but also for the pro—active and trustworthy account management that they provide. It is now one of the ICT services running in World Vision that we just do not need to worry about.

Head of ICT

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