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Managed Print Services (MPS)

We will manage all your print-based devices from the outset without having to replace them all. If there is an asset with value, we will support it.


Top 10 reasons to use a managed print services provider:

  1. Manage escalating costs of existing print infrastructure.
  2. Reduce print spend mandated through cost reduction.
  3. Balancing operating expenses versus capital spend.
  4. Improve understanding of print infrastructure.
  5. Offer business efficiencies and savings.
  6. Enable the growing mobile or distributed workforce.
  7. Reduce paper-intensive business processes.
  8. Develop automated document workflows.
  9. Align print & document digitisation with business needs.
  10. Improve security and compliance across the board.


Document Management Solutions (DMS)

A document management solution is a system (based on computer programs in the case of the management of digital documents) used to track, manage and store documents and reduce paper. Most are capable of keeping a record of the various versions created and modified by different users (history tracking).

Benefits of DMS:

  • Document Storage
  • Check in  / Check out
  • Simultaneous editing coordination
  • Security & Access Control
  • Version Control
  • Indexing & Classification
  • Annotations
  • Document audit trails that are legally admissible


Print & Data Security

By managing and securing the entire print process from user click to print collection, we give you the peace of mind that business critical documents won’t end up in the wrong hands, as well as helping you meet statutory obligations.

Our Document Consultants assess the complete document lifecycle from concept to delivery or storage, and then search and retrieval to implement streamlined processes across your organisation to make the business work better, faster and more efficiently.

STORM’s expertise and services focus on the roles that paper documents play within key business processes and how high value documents can be digitised and used as part of an electronic source of record.

Of course, converting hard copy documents to digital can help with freeing up space, losing paper, and make it easier to find information as well as sharing it with colleagues or customers. But by taking this to the next level with tools such as intelligence scanning, we enable your users to collaborate more easily, regardless of their location, and to fulfil complex business processes more quickly and easily with more auditable activity trails.

At this point business savings and competitive advantage are the goals rather than print-related savings, and using our combination of skillsets we can help you design these new streamlined work processes as well as ensure they are embedded into the fabric of your organisation.

Whatever your business needs, become an efficient workplace of the future with our industry leading document centric solutions and services.

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