Paper visitor books at the front desk have been the norm for a very long time and they used to cut it as far as operations and finance were concerned. BUT THEY DON’T ANYMORE!!!

To strike the perfect balance between providing a warm corporate welcome and remaining GDPR compliant, businesses today need a GDPR-focused visitor management system with checks and balances in place.

Today’s visitors expect a streamlined and efficient sign-in and reception service, which is why Sharp have created an Optimised Visitor Management solution.

As part of Sharp’s suite of Optimised Software Solutions, the Visitor Management system extends the benefits of digital transformation into the reception area. It is a smart, secure and easy to use platform for visitor, employee and contractor registration – ensuring that you always make a great first impression while freeing up administrative resources for more productive tasks.

Everything you need

Depending on your requirement, the Optimised Visitor Management system has the flexibility to be provided on a range of small or large format Sharp interactive flat panel displays. The system is completely configurable so images, branding and registration questions can be tailored to your exact requirements.

In addition, the system can print the relevant type of badge for visitors or contractors and the information on the badge can be configured to your specifications. It can display the visitor and host details as well as a unique identifier number, which the visitor can enter when they sign-out to confirm that they have left. The badge can also be customised with WiFi settings, health and safety instructions or any other relevant information.

Safety and compliance are a priority for every organisation. Protect the people and places that power your organisation.

Accurate movement tracking

Welcoming visitors to your organisation isn’t just about making a good impression – it is important to monitor their arrival and departure for security, compliance and health & safety reasons. This is one of the major limitations of a manual visitor registration process, as it is easy to lose track of who is in the building. With its intuitive software and touchscreen technology, Sharp’s Optimised Visitor Management system provides a really quick and easy way to self sign-in and out of sites or specific building zones by simply tapping the screen to enter their details. As well as saving the receptionist time managing guest sign-ins, there’s also no need to locate the visitor’s host as the system will instantly notify them by email or text message that their guest has arrived. Also for added convenience, delivery companies or couriers can quickly drop off packages using the dedicated delivery button which will also notify the recipient that their delivery has arrived.

Sharp’s Optimised Visitor Management system enables you to create a safer workplace as the movements of every visitor are accurately recorded, so you can track the flow of people in and out of a site. At any time you can generate a real-time report to identify exactly who is in the building or review all visitor activity at the end of the day.

Having a central database of up-to-date contact details also means that you can quickly notify everyone in the event of an emergency and provide instruction on what to do.

Making compliance easy

Ensuring compliance with relevant data protection regulations, such as the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and health & safety laws is a priority for every organisation. You also have a duty of care to ensure the welfare of everyone in your buildings.

The Optimised Visitor Management sign-in process is a great opportunity to capture important information and vital consent for data protection and legal requirements. It includes the facility to make sure that all visitors, employees and contractors are aware of the relevant health & safety procedures and confidentiality rules – and have confirmed their acceptance. In addition, rules can be set to ensure visitor information is securely removed from the system periodically.

So, you always have a clear record to prove you have shown due diligence and complied with any relevant legal or regulatory requirements.

Key Features

Visitor Welcome

• Welcome screen branded to suit customer requirement
• Visitor pre-registration
• Returning visitor remembrance

Visitor Management

• Touch sign-in/out
• Display health and safety notices
• Obtain a signature for data retention policy (GDPR)

Sync With Calendar

• Create pre-registered visitors using your calendar
• Easily book meeting rooms
• Send visitors emails with details of their upcoming visit

Image Capturing

• Guests can take their own pictures for their photo ID
• Ensures security and safety of members and guests


• Host can receive email and/or SMS notifications for their guest’s arrival or for security alerts
• Watchlist triggers alerts when certain people sign in


• Courier drop-off
• Notifications of delivery arrivals

Integrated Printer

• Visitors can print their own name badges upon sign-in
• Ensures registration is simple and efficient
• Photo ID allows visitors to be identified easily

Fire Register and Evacuation

• Emergency register, notification & mustering
• Run post-evacuation reports evaluating the efficiency of evacuation

Visitor Reporting

• Standard reports for visitor insight
• Easily capture visitor, employee and contractor data



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