Greener Credentials with Ricoh’s IMC A3 Printers

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At Ricoh, sustainability is core to their mission and ours. Together we help organizations adopt sustainable printing practices, which not only fulfil ethical responsibilities but also enhance business performance. With 80% of greenhouse gas emissions being indirect, a strong sustainability strategy can boost operating profits by up to 60%.

In today’s climate, ensuring sustainable practices is crucial. Ricoh’s new IM C range of multi-functional devices are made from 50% post-consumer recycled materials and designed for lower energy consumption which can help you achieve your ESG goals.

Consider the entire lifecycle of your print infrastructure. The IM C line has a 27% lower carbon footprint than previous models and includes changes like a new toner composition and higher yield cartridges which can lead to significant energy and cost savings. Start making sustainable choices today with the IM C range.

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